Privacy Policy – Hotel Ellique

At Hotel Ellique we see privacy as essential. We (owners and staff) operate under a strict non-disclosure policy. All guest information (stored in our reservation software, shared verbally, or gathered while performing hotel tasks) is strictly confidential. Only if requested in writing by Greek law enforcement  would we divulge any guest information.

Privacy Policy – HotSoft booking system

Hoist Group provides online access to hotel bookings through its cloud-based software (our ‘Service’). We do it with your privacy in mind. We collect and use as little information from you as possible in order to provide online reservation services in ways consistent with your privacy rights. Hoist Group is based in Sweden and you can find out more about us on our website:

Data Collected: Hoist Group collects the data that you provide in order to make your reservation. Hoist Group further collects the following data automatically from your device when you use HotSoft Online:
1. Your IP address
2. Your web browser type and version;
3. Your operating system, and;
4. The date and time of connection.

Legal Basis for Collection: Hoist Group has an agreement with the hotel to provide HotSoft Online in order to provide hotel services to you. For HotSoft Online to work, we need to collect your information. Your agreement with the hotel provides the legal basis for processing your data.

Sharing of Data: This reservation system is embedded in a hotel website, so of course Hoist Group shares the information you provide with the hotel when you make a reservation. Hoist Group will not sell your data to, or share your data with, third parties.

Length and Location of Stored Data: Hoist Group will keep your data as it is obligated to keep it under the Data Retention laws in place in the country in which you access the service. If you are accessing this service in the EU, Hoist Group will not transfer your data out of the EU, unless the reserved hotel is outside of the EU.

Your Data Rights: You have the legal right to receive from the HotSoft owner a copy of your data, to request that Hoist Group delete your data or move your data somewhere else.

Hoist Group’s Data Protection Officer [or GDPR Committee] is reachable here:

Hoist Group’s Supervisory Authority is in Sweden and can be reached through:

Cookies: Cookies are small text files placed on your computer or device when you visit HotSoft Online. We place cookies on your device, so we can recognise it if you return to the booking system.

If you do not want cookies to be used, you can block the cookies in the settings in your web browser. You can also delete all cookies that are stored in your web browser; see your web browser help pages for more information.